Your QARMA consultant will inspire confidence and set your mind at ease that you have selected the right consulting group for your QMS/EMS/IMS. In some cases, there may be more than one system integrated into an individual QMS; this is an IMS. We will assist you in determining the right QMS/EMS/IMS that best fits your needs. We'll also encourage management and/or process owners to show an executive commitment to motivate the entire organization.

Throughout the Implementation Program, your QARMA consultant will work with your schedule and time constraints to meet your goals of certification.

During the process development phase, your QARMA consultant reviews with process owners on-site to ensure that the necessary processes are in place and accurate to the organization. Processes include, but not limited to: Documented Information, Leadership, Planning, Support, Operations, Performance Evaluation, Continual Improvement, etc.

During the QMS/EMS/IMS development stages, your QARMA consultant writes documented information required by the standard to help ensure your QMS/EMS/IMS is established, documented, implemented, maintained, and improved. Documented information includes: Quality Policy; Quality Objectives; Scope; Processes; Monitoring and measuring resources; Competence; Planning; Changes; and other types of documented information to ensure planned results.

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Your QARMA consultant conducts training sessions on-site ensuring that management and/or process owners are competent in the administration of the QMS, thereby ensuring proper training of personnel. We provide many methods of training to ensure confidence in trainees. QARMA will provide other training needs (separate from contract) as necessary (including awareness of standard for our client's QMS).

At this point in the process, the client collects data to ensure maintenance of the QMS. Data produces the records that meet the requirements of your organization and the standard. QARMA will assist you with maintenance (see our Maintenance program).

QARMA will conduct an "Internal Audit" of your QMS and facilitate the "Management Review" of the QMS on-site to ensure:

  • Conformation to planned arrangements
  • Verification of the standard's requirements as well as your requirements
  • Assurance of continued suitability
  • Adequacy of purpose
  • Effectiveness

QARMA will assist you with the necessary tools for the management review and Internal Audit (including preparing personnel).

As an added value, QARMA will assist you in addressing the findings produced from the internal audit during the Implementation Program at no additional cost to you.

Now, you are ready for the Registration Certification process conducted by a Registrar (an accredited certifying body). This is done in two stages:

  1. Stage 1

    Stage 1 allows for a quick determination if your QMS is adequately implemented and if a full assessment (Stage 2) should take place. Stage 1 usually consists of an on-site review of your documentation (Quality Manual, Policies, Procedures, etc.) and business information. Stage 2 usually takes place 30-45 days later in order to allocate time to make any corrections as deemed necessary by the Registrar. As an added benefit, QARMA will assist you in addressing the corrections from the Registrar from Stage 1 at no additional cost to you.

  2. Stage 2

    Stage 2 is a full audit performed at your site. This assessment is aimed at establishing compliance of the company's QMS with the applicable standard by seeking objective evidence that the company is working in accordance with their QMS. After the audit, you will be advised as to any deficiencies and be provided the opportunity to perform corrective action. Upon acceptance of your corrective actions, the certificate will then be issued. Additionally, QARMA will assist you in facilitating the Registrar Stage 2 Audit and addressing the corrective actions from the findings during the Registrar Stage 2 Audit (see our maintenance program).

For purposes of growth, QARMA will conduct follow-up audits (see our maintenance program below) to necessitate the requirements of previous audit findings (including repetitive findings) from the organization, customer, regulatory and statutory audits.