Throughout the Maintenance Program, QARMA assesses your QMS/EMS/IMS to determine the level of maintenance needed to ensure continued improvement. Your QARMA consultant works with your schedule to ensure proper frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) for on-site maintenance.

Your QARMA consultant will also be your liaison between you and your suppliers pertaining to quality matters (see other services).

QARMA will train personnel on matters pertaining to the QMS/EMS/IMS. We will administer, schedule, conduct, and evaluate (competency and effectiveness) training on personnel ensuring your QMS/EMS/IMS is understood and followed. We will promote employees awareness through re-training. We will be part of your orientation process ensuring new employees are trained on the QMS/EMS/IMS relevant to their job functions as well as ensuring confidence in the system. We will provide training on quality policy, quality objectives, risk, root cause analysis, corrective action, risk mitigations action, and improvement, projects action.

Minimally, you must conduct Internal Audits once a year; however, you must increase the frequency in areas with repetitive findings. Auditors will ensure objectivity and impartially of the audit process. Auditors will not audit their own work. For purposes of growth, objectivity and impartially of the audit process, QARMA will conduct yearly audits and/or follow-up audits to necessitate the audit requirements and previous audit finding requirements from the organization, customer, regulatory, statutory and registration audits. Contact us to get a request for quote to take advantage of our special promotion for audit maintenance programs.

It is nice to feel confident and at ease during the Registration Stage 2 Audit. QARMA will assist you by facilitating the audit.

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