Interested Parties

A lot of clients are currently in-process of transitioning from the ISO9001:2008 to the IS9001:2015 standard. There has been quite a few concerns regarding some of the new requirements with one in particular being interested parties (Section 4.2 of the new 2015 revision standard). I heard a lot of different responses from registrar auditors of what is considered interested parties. One of which is that the cleaning person is an interested party. In that same conversation the cleaning person was, also, an external provider (Section 8.4 of the new 2015 revision standard). That will be another discussion.

Customers, the organization, and external providers (aka suppliers) are interested parties that affect your business. It was that relationship in the previous 2008 revision standard). Annex A.3 of the ISO9001:2015 standard states, “There is no requirement in this International Standard for the organization to consider interested parties where it has decided that those parties are not relevant to its quality management system. It is for the organization to decide if a particular requirement of a relevant interested party is relevant to its quality management system.” (2015-09-15) Customers have requirements that you have to fulfill within your QMS and its processes; and flow-down to external providers. Employees in the organization help fulfill requirements and provide feedback in regards to deficiencies and opportunities for improvements.

You have to, also, identify applicable legal requirements that affect your QMS. This could be REACH, RoHS, ITAR, DFAR, FAR, DPAS, ESD, Conflict Minerals, and etc. You can find more information from the QARMA Group.

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